Netsuke, ivory, China
Country, manufacturer, year: China, 19th century
Material: Ivory (thread)
Dimensions (HxWxD), cm:=4

Unique vintage thread. In horoshem condition.
Netsuke (Japanese 根付 netsuke, netsuke) is a miniature sculpture, a work of Japanese decorative arts, which is a small carved keychain
Netsuke were used as keychain hanging on traditional Japanese clothing kimono and kosode (帯鉗), which was devoid of pockets. Small things like a pouch or key is put in special containers (called sagemono 下げ物). Capacity could be in the form of pouches or small woven baskets, but the most popular was the boxes (inro), which were closed with beads gliding on the cord (ojime). Inro was attached to the kimono belt (Obi) by means of a cord. It tied into a ring, folded in half and passed through the belt. To one end the resulting loop fastened netsuke. The knot of the cord was hiding in one of the two hematose (紐解) — holes netsuke, connected through a valve. Thus, the netsuke served as a kind of counterbalance and elegant decoration of clothing.
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