The production banner of a Bakery № 9

The production banner of a Bakery № 9
USSR 1960-70-s,
velvet fabric, embroidery.
On the flag the inscription "proletarians of all countries, unite!" and "N. To.P.P. (The people's Commissariat of the food industry) R. S. F. S. R. Khlebozavod № 9".
In good condition.

The company launched in 1934 under the name of Khlebozavod № 9 name of the XVII party Congress in honor of the past on the eve of the XVII Congress of the CPSU(b). The plant became the fourth among the city's bakeries using the ring technology of bread-making, development engineer George marsakova, the embodiment of which is reflected in the characteristic cylindrical shape of the housing. In the design of the plant was attended by breeder Peter Lisitsyn, who visited in 1930, USA to study the experience of modern bakeries and flour mills. Starting power — 190 tons of hliboproduktiv a day, specialization — krupnorazmernye wheat bread. The level of automation was considered absolute, due to this enterprise belonged to the class of so-called bakeries. While it is Khlebozavod № 9 is referred to as the USSR's first bread machine.

The company operates to this day. The range of products as of 2015 — pan bread, wheat loaves, "Dmitrov", "Mustard", "Moscow", "bran" rye cakes, pies with various fillings, puff pastry. The plant organized group excursions.
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