Farewell of a Cossack with Cossack (Out of Cossacks), Kasli

Farewell of a Cossack with Cossack (Out of Cossacks), Kasli
Country, manufacturer, year: the Russian Empire, the Kasli factory, the beginning of the 20th century
Year of creation of the model: the last. Thursdays. The XIX-th century
Author: Torokin VF model Lancer E. A.
Material: Cast iron (casting) - the Dutch carbon black
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm:210х95х180
Weight, kg: 2

In good condition, no bit.
TOROKIN Vasily Fedorovich (1837-1912), a sculptor self-taught, caster. From 1852 on Kaslinsky plant: apprentice molder, and then a master caster. He studied drawing and modeling in the original art school, where he worked for M. D. Kanaev and N. R. Bach. Was the first artist to be reflected in the artistic products of iron a person's life-worker. Made in Kasli casting motifs of folk art. In the catalogue of art products Kasli plant became the sculptural group Torokina "Founder at work", "Uglies", "the Farmer at the plow," "old Woman with distaff", and others. Gained fame thanks to the production for casting models reduced copies of works by outstanding Russian sculptors, including "Farewell of the Cossack Cossack", "Fancy riding Lezgin" by E. A. Lanceray, "Peasant woman with a rake" N.And. Liberiha, "departure of the Cossack", "Horses at liberty" by P. K. Klodt. Participated in the creation of the exhibition hall (exhibited at the national exhibition of 1896 in Nizhny Novgorod), Kasli cast iron pavilion (exhibited at the world exhibition 1900 in Paris).
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