Sergey Filonenko. “The contract killing of a fly swatter”

Sergey Filonenko. “The contract killing of a fly swatter”
Unknown, was killed by a fly swatter shot in the head and two shots to the chest. When it was just personal belongings, including a purse with money which excludes murder and robbery. The body encircled with a special strip which is used by police or coroners. Near the body are the tools with which to examine the body of the deceased. Witnesses to the incident no.
About the artist
Филоненко Сергей родился и вырос в г. Киеве. Свой творческий путь начал с 2D графики. Позже начал изучать 3D графику (Maya, ZBrush). Интересовался классической живописью которая переросла в современную. В свободное время снимаюсь в кино.
  • 00.00.2016 Черное на черном, Art Pavlovka, Киев
  • 00.00.2017 Art Battle, White World, Киев
  • 00.00.2017 Light, Spivakovska ART:EGO culture center, Киев
  • 00.00.2017 Конфликты XX Века, Art Pavlovka, Киев