Soviet porcelain figurine "Rat and mouse" (And Russian fat eating) in the fable of S. Mikhalkov, LFZ, sculptor B. Ya. Vorobyov

Soviet porcelain figurine "Rat and mouse" (And Russian fat eating) in the fable of S. Mikhalkov, LFZ, sculptor B. Ya. Vorobyov
Figurine "Two friends", a story of the same fables by S. Mikhalkov "Two friends",
LFZ, 1950-60.
sculptor B. Ya. Vorobyov, painting lupanova E. N.,
porcelain. Size: Height. 12.5 cm

In excellent condition, without chips, cracks and restoration.

Nicely you live,
Kind sister! -
Said envy in a Rat Mouse. -
What you eat and drink,
What are you on,
Wherever you look - all from abroad!"...

Boris Yakovlevich Vorobyov, succeeding in his youth many professions, from school teachers to aerialists in the circus, in 1932 entered the Moscow architectural Institute. But the attraction to nature and the animal world, emerged in his youth, United with the desire to be creative, soon led to his passion for animal sculpture, which he began studying under the guidance of an outstanding Moscow artist-animal painter V. A. Vatagin. In 1936, the sparrows left Moscow and entered the sculpture faculty of the Russian Academy of Arts in Leningrad. At the same time he began his work on the famous Lomonosov porcelain factory, with whom he was associated for many years.

Finishing the Academy, sparrows the first time in its long history has dared to violate the immutable tradition, in 1946, and presented and defended as a thesis is not the image of a man, and carved wooden sculpture of a wolf. He not only survived the struggle with the numerous apologists of socialist realism - the opponents of animalism, but also gained worthy supporters. This event became a landmark in the history of Soviet art: since access the "beast" on the official, and in those years only possible for the artist's exhibition was opened. In 50 years the number of sparrows became a recognized artist, participant of many Russian and foreign exhibitions (silver medal at the world exhibition in Brussels in 1958, in 1959 in Oostende, Belgium, and others), and his work began to acquire the largest museums.

The name Vorobyova for any researcher of art is primarily associated with the authorship of the excellent in their plasticity and expressiveness of steel animalistic porcelain. Apart from animals, has become widely popular porcelain figurines Vorobyov, illustrating the works of Gogol. Replicated at the factory, these works produced so far, a certain brand of steel plant and sold not only in Russia but around the world where there is hardly a porcelain collection which has never been presented to plastic Vorobyov.
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