Vase in the form of an amphora, Vols 1814-1830

Vase in the form of an amphora, Vols 1814-1830
Country, manufacturer, year: the Russian Empire, the plant Batenin, 1814-1830 years.
Material: Porcelain (hand painted)
Dimensions, cm: height=18

In good condition, Has a few small chips. Cracks, no restoration.
In 1811, the merchant F. A. Devyatov built in St. Petersburg porcelain factory, which three years later was purchased by S. F. Battini.
Bateninsky porcelain enjoyed wide popularity, the Best examples of materinskogo China has earned recognition from professionals - the First public exhibition of Russian manufactures in 1829, the plant was awarded a Large gold medal.
Widespread early production received the Cup shape of the "big cylinder", cups, barrels, vases in the form of amphorae and craters and sets tet-a-tet with special trays. And when, after the death of F. S. Batenin factory in St Petersburg in 1830, the production became the responsibility of his heirs and of the Board of Trustees, became the dominant style of "chinoiserie". Bright color images of buildings in Oriental style, fantastic birds and flowers, figures "Chinese" on a gold background with a diverging pattern "vermicule" often found on vases, teapots and extended the top and bottom of small cups with a concave body. Popularity bateninsky products grew, but the fire of 1838 that destroyed all the workshops, put an end to this bright page in the history of Russian porcelain. The plant closed, and all remaining materials were sold to the factory of Kornilov, which passed and many of the artists.
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