Victor Bregeda. Good evening

Location:Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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Victor Bregeda. Good evening
The diversity and complexity of the universe: book or cinematic ideals for us - based Outlook on life, which is really unpredictable and changeable as the sea. Human life is the way from the fighter who wants to turn the whole world, to the philosopher-observer. The older we get, the stronger the desire to find a quiet berth where you can escape from the storms and unrest. Cochlea – the Association of eternity, perseverance and persistence symbolizes the way to absolute happiness and peace. And only don Quixote with the faithful Sancho wearily wander at sunset, because to become a philosopher and to abandon the illusions, alas, is not given to everyone.
Appliances: Smooth writing, multi-layered painting. All the paintings are written in a single copy and never again.
About the artist
Родился в 1963 году в городе Таганроге. Технике гладкого письма учился у французского мастера. Профессионально работаю с 1989 года. С 2002 есть постоянно действующая экспозиция в галерее на острове Мауи (Гавайи), США.
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