Olga Zaitseva. Atrium

Location:Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Olga Zaitseva. Atrium
The owl is an ambivalent symbol. Its nocturnal and the ability to see in the dark, silent flight and a closer look reveals a mystical image associated with the symbols of the soul, or rather, with its wires in a different world. For this owls are characterized by relation with a secret : secret, often frightening knowledge.
But there is another side, symbolizing wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and education. In Greek mythology the owl was the attribute of the goddess Athena. It is from Greek mythology and has its origin in the wise owl in European fairy tales.
Two such different manifestations of one being — alive, warm, present here and now the bird on the background of the inanimate, the stone statues of her. But so far they from each other?
About the artist
Добрый день! Я художник, профессиональную деятельность веду с 2004 года. Работаю в технике масляной живописи.