France. Vintage sideboard with plot threads for the second half of the XIX century

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France. Vintage sideboard with plot threads for the second half of the XIX century
The buffet in the spirit of romanticism made by the French Cabinet solid oak dark color with a beautiful natural pattern and decorated with exquisite carvings. Top with three drawers and hinged doors support imposing balusters and massive rear bar. The lower part consists of a Cabinet with two drawers and hinged doors. Doors lanciani kannelirovannymi columns on podstavochki in the form of vases. The buffet is crowned with the horns of plenty - the ancient Greek symbol of wealth.

The plot of the thread, refers to the tragedy of "Medea" at different times told by Euripides, Seneca and, in the XVIII century by Pierre Corneille. In 1797, France swept the next wave of interest to this work, called staged Opera Luigi Cherubini at the theatre Feydeau in Paris. All the XIX century the story appears in the painting and finds its reflection in the applied arts. In the scene of Medea brutally avenged Jason flies in a chariot pulled by marvelous steeds. The saddle cloths of horses decorated with lilies - the heraldic symbols of France. The thread performed at a high level, many details and fills up the space and draws you in.
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