«L'automne cour», Surréalisme, Vie courante, 2010

€ 2 500
Localisation: Biélorussie, Minsk
Dmitriy Traenovich
Dmitriy Traenovich. L'automne cour
il est temps de l'année
ID: 12068
Artiste: Dmitriy Traenovich (né en 1975)
Année de fabrication: 2010
Taille: 3 x 55 x 85 cm
Style: Surréalisme
Genre: Vie courante

Informations sur l'artiste

Dmitry Traenovich was born in 1975 in Belarus.
In his young years he attended an art school in his home town in Baranovichi.
In 1995 graduated from the art college in Minsk.
After serving in the army, Dmitry tried dealing with various artistic activities.
His works serve as the journal, magazine covers, books or musical releases.
Nowadays Dmitry works as a tattoo master.
But his real passion is in fine art, and his works can boast with the perfect technic with surrealistic themes, mystics and fantasy.
So far Dmitry has had two personal art exhibitions in Minsk.

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