«NV-008 Rouge sur Bleu 2» Moderne Animaliste

€ 1 250
Localisation: Arménie, Yerevan
Nerseh Khalatyan
Nerseh Khalatyan. NV-008 Rouge sur Bleu 2
ID: 10160
Artiste: Nerseh Khalatyan (né en 1972)
Taille: 25 x 90 cm
Style: Moderne
Genre: Animaliste

Informations sur l'artiste

1972 – Born in Tbilisi, Georgia.
1989-1995 Studied and graduated St. Etchmiadzin Theological University.
1995- Held position of Curator of Museums of Holy Etchmiadzin.
1996- Became member of Holy Etchmiadzin congregation.
2001- Attended Management studies for seminarians at American University of Armenia.
2016- Became member of Artist Union of Armenia.

Had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Armenia and abroad.
His artworks are kept in Holy Etchmiadzin Treasure House, in Chanselary and Matenadaran of Holy Etchmiadzin, and in private collections.