Photographie «vieilles portes», Fmbrotype, Photo noir et blanc, 2020

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Condition: Nouveau
Localisation: Ukraine, Kyiv
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Serhii Poznanskyi
Serhii Poznanskyi. vieilles portes
The term "Ambrotype" comes from two Greek words: "immortal" + "impression". And this is because Ambrotype is practically never aging. Photos made using this method are taken directly on a glass plate, processed with special reagents a few minutes before the time of shooting. These photographs, so, exist in one copy only. This way of creating photos was invented back in 1854, but the interest to it exists and now among professional photographers, despite its incredible complexity comparing even with traditional film photography.
ID: 31761
Artiste: Serhii Poznanskyi (né en 1972)
Originalité: Original
Année de fabrication: 2020
Technique appliquée: Fmbrotype, Voir la description
Taille: 30 x 0.5 x 40 cm
Encadrement: Non encadré
Style artistique: Photo noir et blanc
Époque historique:
Expédition à: Partout dans le monde
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Méthode d'expédition: Service postal
Retour de marchandises: Pas de retour
Type d'objet: Photographie
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Informations sur l'artiste

Sergiy Poznansky is a citizen of Kiev. He got a degree in technology and electromechanics and later got a cameraman diploma in Kiev National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. In the late 90s, he worked as a photographer in advertising agency "Mc Cann Erickson / Linea 12". Sometime later he opened his own photo studio, and since then he is working on his art independently. He presented some works on the erotic photography exhibition, and also he became a member of the Photobiennale. Also, in 2000, he took part in the international film festival "Молодість" ("Youth") served as a director of photography of documentary film "Стан" ("ANGELUS"- the film won the second place for the best cameraman work).
Today Sergiy Poznansky is a famous film, commercial and music video operator-director and photographer.

In 2016, Sergiy felt the need in changing the digital circulation practice, so he started to work with an old complicated technology of photography – ambrotype.
It took a half of a year to test it all and to prepare prescription reagents, special utensils and devices. This cause a completely unpredictable, unique result. The appearance of every ambrotype is a step-by-step, fascinating and a manual process. The technique of "drawing by the light", using reagents on a glass plate, is unique, therefore excludes any copy.
Ambrotype of Poznansky - a quote from the past, but not literally. The artist has nothing to do with the imitation of antique, but vice versa he is looking for the modern context of old the technology. He ironizes and dramatizes mystical compositions freely. Sergiy demonstrates a contrast between retro practice and circulation, a speed of digit, which limits the depth of the image.
Sergiy's works are kept in domestic and foreign galleries, private collections.

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