Tatyana Kudryavtseva. Les éclats

Localisation:Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Tatyana Kudryavtseva. Les éclats
Peinture réalisée à l'huile dans le mélange de la technologie. Ситискейп.
À propos de l'artiste
I am a self-made artist. My art is an intuitive painting inspired by music, mainly jazz and of course any beautiful music that makes us creative. A style of painting comes together with music I hear. I present here paintings of various styles of mine. A subject is always surprising and unpredictable even for myself. Improvisation is the most captivating thing for me. My schooling has not been in arts but art and beauty have been integral part of my life until I decided to share my creations with everybody. Mine
is not the only example in the history of art. Passion and determination
can take everybody a long way ahead. Just follow your dream. We have seen
on TV many examples, recently, everywhere in the world of completely
unknown people displaying marvelous talents. I would say that, in my case,
the major part is connected to freedom. Freedom to act and do what I like.
Mine is not realistic art. It is somehow abstract to an extent I judge is
better appreciated by the viewers. In this respect I’d like to tell you
that at the beginning of the abstract art in France, art critics were mad
at artists that started not to just copy nature but express feeling on
their canvases with their colors. Some critics went to the great French
painter Degas and told him: “This is scandalous! These artists do not copy
nature!” and the answer of the great master shocked them even more: “The
most brilliant of human creations is music. Music does not copy nature. It
comes from the soul.”
  • 14.09.2018 Magic Cityscapes, Tengry Umai, Tengry Umai Gallery
  • 14.04.2018 Magic City, Tengry Umai, The Ritz Carlton Hotel
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