Peinture design «Esprit guerrier», Toile sur le sous-châssis, Huile sur toile, Impressionnisme, Historique, Russie, 2021

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Condition: Nouveau
Localisation: Russie, Samara
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Vyacheslav IG
Vyacheslav IG. Esprit guerrier
Original oil painting on canvas, called "Warrior Spirit". Image of the Japanese military commander on horseback. Painting for the interior, in the style of Japanese painting. Japanese decor.
Japanese samurai have long entered the world's popular culture as powerful and dexterous warriors. Their images in painting are always admired. The beauty is in the details.
For those who love: samurai, Japanese painting, bright interior, beautiful decor. Protection of your home, office from unwanted guests.
An original gift for a man, woman or child.

Information: The painting is made on canvas. The canvas is stretched over a wooden frame. The painting is varnished. Painting without a frame.

In natural form, the picture is much better, brighter, more beautiful.

DELIVERY: The painting will be carefully wrapped in protective material, bubble wrap or protective plates. It will be placed between sheets of plywood or a sturdy plywood box. I will do everything necessary to ensure that the painting is delivered in perfect condition.

PLEASE NOTE: Import duties may apply and you may be charged for getting the painting through your country's customs.
The processing and dispatch time may be increased by agreement between the Buyer
ID: 43972
Artiste: Vyacheslav IG (né en 1964)
Originalité: Oeuvre originale
Année de fabrication: 2021
Technique appliquée: Huile sur toile
Matériel: Toile sur le sous-châssis
Taille: 65 x 90 x 2 cm
Encadrement: Non encadré
Style artistique: Impressionnisme, Réalisme, Symbolisme
Époque historique:
Genre: Historique, военный, милитари
Expédition à: Partout dans le monde
Méthode de paiement: Virement bancaire, Carte de crédit, Paypal, En espèces
Méthode d'expédition: Service postal, Service de messagerie, ramassage par vous-même
Retour de marchandises: 14 jours
Pays ou lieu d'origine: Russie
Type d'objet: Peinture design
Mots clés: Japanese warrior, decor with samurai, katana, naked horse, samurai on horseback

Informations sur l'artiste

I was born and live in Russia, in the city of Samara.
From time to time in different years of his life he drew pictures and cartoons. I have been doing oil painting since 1998. He painted pictures for several years. Then there was a break.
For the last few years I have been doing oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and hardboard. I like this activity. Many works have been sold and donated. So I decided to participate on the VIL site.

Я родился и живу в России, в городе Самара.
Время от времени? в разные годы жизни я рисовал картины и карикатуры. Занимаюсь масляной живописью с 1998 года. Несколько лет писал картины. Потом был перерыв.
Последние несколько лет я делаю картины маслом и акрилом на холсте и оргалите. Мне нравится это занятие. Многие работы были проданы и подарены. Поэтому я решил участвовать на сайте VIL

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