Богдан Задорожный. похищение сабинянок

Состояние: Новое
Местонахождение: Украина, Киев
Доступность продукта: В наличии
Богдан Задорожный. похищение сабинянок
декоративная абстрактная яркая картина
О художнике
Bogdan Zadorozhny was born in 1966 in Kyiv and graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute in 1992. He is a son of the famous Ukrainian artist, sculptor, and monumentalist, Ivan-Valentin Zadorozhny (1921-1988).

Bohdan Zadorozhnyi's paintings are characterized by bright coloristics, interesting and original formula. His works are influenced by the informal art of the mid-20th-century: by Franz Klein, Fernand Leger. At the same time, his works are united with those of Alexander Bogomazov, Mikhail Boychuk, and Maria Pryimachenko due to the Ukrainian ethnic motives and decorative art presented in his masterpieces. He tends to both use traditional art techniques (canvas, oil paints), and traditional themes (landscape, still life), as well as endow his works with fantastic, sometimes mind-blowing images and symbols, where everyday objects acquire fabulous shapes.

His works belong to private collections in Ukraine, France, Sweden, USA, Italy, and Japan.

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