Интерьерная картина «Весна», Натуральное дерево, Акриловые краски, Абстракционизм, Анималистика, 2008 г.

€ 2 200
Состояние: Новое
Местонахождение: Франция, Канны
Доступность продукта: В наличии
Елена Зимовец
Елена Зимовец. "Весна"
"Spring"- is part of the paintings series with textile of organza and special paints for fabrics high quality.
I created a series of works on organza and this work from this collection which I didn't put up for sale before. My works on organza generally have character of decorative effect but sometimes reminds painting by a watercolour.

Luminous organza and special paints for fabrics with a pearl effect that create an original shine and silver effect. When you look at the picture you feel sense of space.

Ready to hang, framing - wood. Sides also painted.
Highly The paints light-resistant, don't burn out in the sun and do not change colour.

My artworks will be shipped in a cardboard box,covered with a medium density fibreboard on both sides against puncture.
ID: 31621
Автор: Елена Зимовец (р. 1956)
Оригинальность: Оригинал
Год создания: 2008
Техника исполнения: Акриловые краски, Смешанная техника, Смотри описание
Материал: Натуральное дерево, Смешанные материалы
Размер: 80 x 2 x 45 см
Обрамление: В обрамлении
Художественный стиль: Абстракционизм, Символизм, Современное искусство, Экспрессионизм
Стилистическая эпоха:
Жанр: Анималистика, Бытовой жанр, Пейзаж, Фэнтези
Доставка по: По миру
Способ оплаты: Кредитная карта, Paypal
Способ доставки: Почтовая служба
Возврат товара: Нет возврата
Тип объекта: Интерьерная картина, Картина
Ключевые слова: Абстракция, Времена года, Красота, Природа

Информация о художнике

Professional certified fashion designer, painter, illustrator and graphic designer.
Graduated from the Moscow Textile University named after Kosygin, Faculty of Applied Arts (since 1982).
From 1982 to 1993 she worked at the House of Models as the chief designer and designer: she created collections of ready-to-wear and Haute Couture clothes.
From 1999 to 2002 - Lecturer at the International Private Academy of Audiovisual Arts in disciplines: painting, drawing, composition, modeling and costume history and color graphics.
In 2008 in Portugal (Portimao) a personal exhibition "In harmony with the soul" was successfully held,
The exhibition was widely covered by television, radio and the press.
Member of the GemlucArt Monaco community.
Recent exhibitions:
2016 - Suquet des arts, Cannes, France
2016 - GemlucArt, Monte Carlo Contemporary Art Fair, Monaco
2017 - GemlucArt, Monte Carlo Contemporary Art Fair, Monaco
2018 - "Russian Seasons Club" - Exhibition in Gray d'Albion, Cannes.
2019-2020 - Personal exhibition in Grasse. Paintings are in private collections.
About creativity:
“I have developed my own painting technique on transparent fabrics such as organza. This is not batik, but color graphics and painting on fabric. I also work in other techniques and with different materials: pastel, acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc.
Recently, I have been researching movement and pulsation: forms, lines and points in abstract painting and in space, as well as their architectonics. I developed my own technique and style, working with line and point, namely with drops of paint, which I then stretch into lines of different thicknesses. This is my conceptual idea for my abstract painting. Its origin lies in my works in the style of Khokhloma and Zhostovo, on which I worked in the 70s of the 20th century.

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