Ирина Федоренко. Фламинго

Местонахождение:Украина, Киев
Доступность продукта:В наличии
Ирина Федоренко. Фламинго
"""Фламинго"", холст, акрил 100/100 см, 2019, Ирина Федоренко (Семира), картина была представлена на выставках: 2019 - персональная выставка «Красная Королева. 18+ »в Музее истории города Киева, Киев, Украина; 2019 - персональная выставка ""Красная Королева"." В рамках проекта ""Планета Земля-одно".", Парламент Украины, Киев, Украина,
2019 - персональная выставка ""Красная Королева"." В рамках 61-я Международная выставка МБФ ""Инше ZHITTIA"" в Национальном музее истории и архитектуры, Киевская крепость, Киев, Украина; 2019 - участие в выставке ""краски жизни"", Дом художника, Киев, Украина
О художнике
Iryna Fedorenko (SEMIRA) is a contemporary Ukrainian artist and art critic. She was born in Mariupol, lives and works in Kyiv. In her work she combines different techniques and artistic techniques, works in many styles and genres, constantly experimenting. In particular, she is fond of painting on old antique paper, using a variety of art materials: watercolor, ink, ink. She exhibits works under the creative pseudonym SEMIRA.
Almost 20 years of creative activity, today Iryna Fedorenko is one of the most famous Ukrainian artists, only for the last two years - about 30 exhibitions in galleries and museums of Ukraine, Europe, USA, China, 3 exhibitions in the Parliament of Ukraine. Her works are in private collections in Ukraine (namely - Andriy Stavnitser, Mykhailo Pozhyvanov, Anatoliy Kryvolap), European and American countries, including the Museum of History of Kyiv, the Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Slovakia, the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Andy Warhol and a private collections of the Warhol family, exhibited at London and New York auctions.
Iryna takes an active part in charity events, and in December 2019 at the charity auction "Pills" Iryna's art object "Rockefeller's Treasury" was sold for a record 800,000 UAH, all the money was used to purchase equipment for a children's cancer hospital. In the cultural world of Ukraine - it was one of the most expensive sales of Ukrainian art.
In March 2020, Iryna received an award for her contribution to the development of Ukrainian art and art management and became one of the TOP-100 outstanding women of Kyiv region.
In September 2020, Iryna became the Laureate of the Second National Award "Best Ukrainian Woman in the Profession" as an Artist.
Iryna is actively involved in the promotion of contemporary Ukrainian art, leads the art project #Names and is the organizer of two major international art projects: the exhibition "DIFFERENT X" and the Festival of Contemporary Art "TRACE".
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