Рисунок «Из серии городские пейзажи», Бумага, Пастель, 2019 г.

Состояние: Новое
Местонахождение: США, Хьюстон
Доступность продукта: В наличии
Махмуд Махмудзаде
Махмуд Махмудзаде. Из серии "городские пейзажи"
Оригинальные Пастельные
ID: 31373
Автор: Махмуд Махмудзаде (р. 1964)
Оригинальность: Оригинал
Год создания: 2019
Техника исполнения: Пастель
Материал: Бумага
Размер: 11 in x 0 in x 14 in см
Обрамление: Без рамы
Доставка по: По миру
Способ оплаты: Paypal
Способ доставки: Почтовая служба
Возврат товара: Нет возврата
Тип объекта: Рисунок

Информация о художнике

I am an artist. I am not a critic, and never thought about what my style is. If I had the opportunity to talk with a good art critic, I'd love to have forwarded this question to him!
I am inspired by the environment – everything that I see and think about. This can be a room where I stay, or a fisherman's cottage, where I spent the night. This may be my cat, or the flying bird, my romantic thoughts, the sea, my travels to other cities in Algeria where I grew up... and much more. I have my own technique of working with pastels, which really fascinates me.
My motivation? for me this is just a way of living. This is my desire to share what I love. It's simple. If I think a lot about colors, but it seems to me that I do not understand them. Therefore, I am often surprised myself when I end up loving the result. It's funny but it's true.

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