Эстамп После Работы

Состояние: Новое
Местонахождение: Украина, KYIV
Доступность продукта: В наличии
Алексей Шнеер. После Работы
Печать автора
О художнике
My name is Alex. I'm an artist, illustrator and psychologist at the same time.
My favorite pass time is to drink a good coffee, and draw. These drawings are the once you'll find in my little shop: http://alex-shneyer.blogspot.com/. All my sketches are the fleeting impressions of the world, which lead to further reflection. The drawings you see here are the moments I simply caught in the cafe, airport lounge or train station and that I carelessly jotted down on the piece of napkin. And with time became drawings that you see here. I hope you'll find these enjoyable.

All my art-works available are ready for sale.
Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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