Валерий Кот. Взаимозависимость

Состояние: Новое
Местонахождение: Украина, Киев
Доступность продукта: В наличии
Валерий Кот. Взаимозависимость
Женщина пришла к мудрецу и спросила:
"Почему считается, что человек, который имеет много женщин-хороший мужчина,
а женщина, имеющая много мужчин, плохая? ”
Мудрец ответил: “Потому что ключ, который открывает многие замки-это хороший ключ,
а замок который открывает много ключей-это плохой замок. ”
О художнике
Having a degree in architecture,1981,
worked in design institutes in Kiev,
1985, I finally decided to switch my vocation and to work professional painter.
Infatuated by surrealistic ideas started to work in this direction in 1977.
The first exhibition took place at October Palace in Kiev at the 1st of April, 1979
("Avant-garde in the works of students of the department of architecture").
Took part in the Modern Ukrainian Painting exhibition at the Palace Of Teacher.
Also collaborated and took part in the following exhibitions:
1990 - "Bost-Art" Gallery exhibition at the Ukrainian House;
1990 - "He who's blind will see"
1991 - "The Destroyers of traditions"
1990, 1992 - individual exhibitions.
1994 - "Masters of surreal" at "On Spasskaya" and "Batkivshchina" galleries.
Other exhibitions at these galleries.
1991 - 1997 - Took part in the exhibitions in some other cantries.
Lately participated in different exhibitions by ukrainian painters.
Many personal collections more fifty countries of the world having in the property my painting,

Essential principles of the author's concept
are uncontrolled mixture of unconscious associations;
philosophy and mystery of images and themes;
integration of surreal and naturalistic,
real and imaginary matters;
construction of a complex, well thought-out,
elegant and dynamic composition;
strict architectonics and inner balance;
incarnation of hopes for existance
of the eternal values opposing absurd and chaos of being.

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