Jacques Hupin. Still Life with Turkish Rug, Plate with Peaches and Sculpted Vase

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Лот 1032 | Jacques Hupin. Still Life with Turkish Rug, Plate with Peaches and Sculpted Vase
Title: Still Life with Turkish Rug, Plate with Peaches and Sculpted Vase.
Technique: Oil on canvas.
Mounting: Relined.
Measurement: 81 x 97.5cm.
Frame: Framed.
Gianluca Bocchi, Casalmaggiore, December 2023, available in copy.

Private ownership, Germany.

The present painting is almost certainly the work of French painter Jacques Hupin, an artist not mentioned in art historical sources and whose biographical data is not certain, but whose presence in Italy is documented by a still life preserved at the Musée du Louvre with the inscription "J. Hupin fec. in Rome."

The art historian Jacques Bousquet reports, without being able to prove it, that he found traces of the artist's hand in a still life from 1649. This leads him to the conclusion that Hupin was familiar with the works of Francesco Noletti, called "Maltese" - a plausible thesis as the setting of his still lifes is clearly inspired by Noletti (the precise and illusionistic description of imposing Turkish carpets takes centre stage). The meticulous execution with thick threads of colour is underpinned by tactile sensations that can only be found in these two artists to great effect. In order to properly assess the influence of Noletti's paintings on Jacques Hupin and other transalpine artists, one must not overlook the fact that his paintings were very popular on the market and with French collectors before and after his death.

Compared to the Maltese painter, Hupin tends to increase the volume of the carpets and let them fall heavily to the ground with wide folds in overlapping layers, thus de-emphasising the decorative effect of the fringes strung together and hanging into the void.

In general, Hupin saturates the space of his paintings with objects or leaves an impenetrable darkness in the background, without resorting to curtains, which, when present, have an accessory or irrelevant function.

A peculiarity of this painter, which is not found in the works of other artists active in Rome, is the depiction of neatly folded Turkish carpets next to open carpets.

Jacques Hupin's stay in Italy probably did not last long and the artist returned to his homeland, as not many significant traces of his stay in Rome have been found.

The objects that enrich his compositions, such as vases, amphorae, metal stirrups, glassware and chiselled metal clocks, testify to a pronounced French taste. These are precious artefacts similar to those in the paintings of Meiffren Conte (1630-1705).
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