Sonnets, with autograph manuscript

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Лот 191 | Sonnets, with autograph manuscript
Sonnets, with autograph manuscript
Lord Alfred Douglas, 1909
DOUGLAS, Lord Alfred (1870-1945). Sonnets. London: The Academy Publishing Company, 1909.

Stralem copy of the first edition, with autograph fair copy of author's sonnet on the death of his former lover. Douglas clearly still held fond feelings for Wilde when he copied out these lines here. Only a few years later, however, a religious conversion alongside the revelations in previously suppressed portions of Wilde's letter to him from prison, De Profundis, which painted him in a poor light, led him to turn against not only Wilde but their mutual friend Robbie Ross.

Octavo. Manuscript poem, "The Dead Poet," copied in Douglas's hand on flyleaf. Original gray paper boards with title gilt on upper board, top edge gilt (a few chips and flakes around spine and joints). Custom chemise and slipcase. Provenance: Donald S. Stralem (1903-1976; morocco book label, his and his wife Jean's sale, Sotheby's, New York, 1 June 1995, part of lot 35).
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