Абстрактная картина «Abstract consciousness», краска акриловая, Акрил, Абстракционизм, абстрактная живопись, Россия, 2021 г.

Состояние: Новое
Местонахождение: Россия, красноярск
Доступность продукта: В наличии
анастасия Меркаба
анастасия Меркаба. Abstract consciousness
Mental images from my consciousness and subconsciousness are difficult to reveal with words.
They have an abstract structure and form.
This is my way of thinking. In this way, I can best reproduce my sensations and states from subtle to dense. Conduct and transmit energy in a natural way.
I want my viewer to turn off their mind and just feel.
We are all individual, and each in his own way will unpack the states and energies transmitted by me.
And this is wonderful. The world is multidimensional.
Each has its own prism of perception.
Slow down, calm down, be present in the moment and just enjoy.
ID: 45301
Автор: анастасия Меркаба (р. 1988)
Оригинальность: Оригинал, Оригинал от художника, Оригинальная работа
Год создания: 2021
Техника исполнения: Акрил, Маркер, Смешанная техника
Материал: краска акриловая, структурная паста
Размер: 50 x 50 x 1.5 см
Обрамление: холст на подрамнике
Художественный стиль: Абстракционизм, абстрактный минимализм, современная абстракция
Историческая эпоха:
Жанр: абстрактная живопись, абстракцмонизм, абстрацкия
Доставка по: По миру
Способ оплаты: Кредитная карта, Paypal
Способ доставки: Почтовая служба
Возврат товара: 7 дней
Страна или место происхождения: Россия
Тип объекта: Абстрактная картина
Ключевые слова: Абстракция, Квадрат, Современная живопись, абстракционизм, современная абстракция

Информация о художнике

I was born in Russia (Siberia) in the city of Krasnoyarsk.
Where I live and work now.
Creativity for me is life in all its multifaceted manifestations and diversity.
Music and nature are an integral part of it, a part of me.

My thinking and language of expression are abstract and intuitive.
It is very important for me to always and under all circumstances be myself and naturally manifest through my essence without limiting myself in anything.

My philosophy is the freedom to be who you are.
I am constantly in a process of self-exploration, in a flow of transformation and change.
It's a very exciting and interesting journey, a lifelong one.

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